Migrants and Citizens

On Outsourcing

The idea that Britain is “overcrowded” is an oft-repeated mantra for those who want to see massive reductions in the numbers of immigrants arriving in the UK.  Now, Julian Brazier – the MP for my home town, Canterbury… Read More

A tale of two Eastleighs…

The people of Eastleigh go to the polls today, to cast their verdict on coalition government and disgraced politicians. Watching with the rest of the political chorus, it looks like an ill-tempered campaign to fit with the bitter… Read More

Stuck on repeat: Cameron on immigration

 If you repeat something often enough, people start to believe it’s true.  Just so with David Cameron’s latest comments yesterday that  ‘this open and welcoming economy’ must cut legal aid and other benefits for foreign nationals to avoid… Read More

On Citizenship

What is citizenship for? That’s a question I’ve been asking for the last few years in an academicsetting: but it seemed more relevant than ever this week as I listened to commentators debate the logic of the Government’s… Read More

London Metropolitan: when everybody loses

‘I don’t like it when someone talks bad about my country, but I try to remain calm because I know, I’m just coming here because of my studies, I’m not coming here to be a citizen. So when… Read More

Olympic bandwagons: When your critics start agreeing with you…

Summertime in London. Sun. Smiles. And so – what the hell, everyone else is doing it – I’m going to jump on the Olympic bandwagon. Because, in an unexpected turn of events, immigration – multiculturalism – is suddenly… Read More

In which I remember becoming Canadian, and fail the UK Citizenship test…

What does it take to make a real citizen? For most of us, nothing at all. Our citizenship is arbitrarily assigned at birth by virtue of place or parentage. But immigrants have to earn their citizenship through naturalisation:… Read More

For richer, for poorer

If the UK’s coalition government has a single theme it likes to spin its policies around, it’s solidarity. And like the forgotten language of the ‘big society’ and the faux-austerity practices of Cabinet millionaires, the UK Government’s relentless… Read More

(In)humanitarianism begins at home?

The UK would claim to be on the side of the angels in Syria. Who could dispute David Cameron’s claim, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Barack Obama, that he condemns the ‘horrific violence against innocent civilians’ in Syria? Yes, we ‘stand with… Read More

It’s the rich wot get the visa, it’s the poor wot get the blame…

What price citizenship? Last Thursday,Damien Green put a figure on it: £31,000 per year for five years. This salary floor should – apparently – ensure that only the ‘brightest and the best’ are able are able to settle… Read More

When ethics get personal: visas in the classroom

As an academic, I often write about the ethics of migration policy. But this week, the UK’s migration policy has presented me with an unexpectedly personal ethical dilemma. I have discovered that I am expected to report all… Read More

Migrants: foreign foes or equal citizens?

‘370,000 Migrants on the dole’ shouts the normally restrained Daily Telegraph’s front page today. A claim that – as the Today programme pointed out – stands up to little scrutiny.  These are ‘migrants’ that in many cases are… Read More