Migrants and Citizens

Peace, prevention and asylum

World peace. An end to hunger. A cure for cancer. Who would dispute that wish list? But faced with the hard-edged reality of war and famine and disease such wishes lose their meaning, exposed as no more than… Read More

Collier, Refugees and The Point of No Return

 Paul Collier’s Exodus: Immigration and Multicultursim in the 21st century has quickly gathered headlines and attention in the months since it’s been published. Two pages in The Economist; 8 in the New Statesman (and a front cover). Op-eds… Read More

A National Health Service? The Migrant Levy – and Why Citizens Should Care

Should foreigners pay to use the NHS? At first glance, it’s not so unreasonable. After all, as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt points out, it’s a National Health Service. And as the Department of Health’s consultation paper, released today,… Read More

State-making in Somalia

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now:  it appeared earlier on the [email protected] blog: Last week’s London Somalia summit began with bold proclamations. It ended in a whisper.  The anticlimactic end was not altogether… Read More