Migrants and Citizens
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Migration by numbers

Today is International Migrants’ Day.  To mark it, I could easily write you a thousand words on the injustices suffered by refugees and asylum-seekers; on the fears that have seen anti-immigration parties rise across Europe; on the everyday… Read More

Olympic bandwagons: When your critics start agreeing with you…

Summertime in London. Sun. Smiles. And so – what the hell, everyone else is doing it – I’m going to jump on the Olympic bandwagon. Because, in an unexpected turn of events, immigration – multiculturalism – is suddenly… Read More

Migrants: foreign foes or equal citizens?

‘370,000 Migrants on the dole’ shouts the normally restrained Daily Telegraph’s front page today. A claim that – as the Today programme pointed out – stands up to little scrutiny.  These are ‘migrants’ that in many cases are… Read More

Africans, Arabs and Asylum (or the Daily Mail, part 2)

The second Daily Mail story is more shameful. It underlines the nasty xenophobia that pervades UK attitudes to migration and asylum. A Senegalese football team is missing in France: the Mail reports that ‘It is possible that the… Read More

The politics of strawberry-picking (or the Daily Mail, Part I)

Reading the Daily Mail is rarely good for my blood pressure. However, today there are two stories about refugees and migrants which underline the extent to which the Daily Mail’s view on refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants are propelled… Read More