Migrants and Citizens
Theresa May visits Al Madina Mosque

A citizen’s lament

From 5,000 miles away, I no longer recognize my country.  At first glance I thought the newspaper headlines were a joke: promises of forcing firms to publish “Foreign Workers’ Lists” too obviously fascist to be anything more than… Read More


Refugee Passports Could End Border Delays in the Balkans

The latest hellish chapter in the Syrian refugee crisis is currently unfolding at Croatia’s borders. Thousands of refugees were forced to wait in knee-deep mud, as Croatia and Slovenia refuse to allow more than 2,500 people to cross… Read More

low skilled california migration

Why “low skilled” migrants can be “good” migrants too

Pantomime season began early this week, set to the beat of a calypso drum. And part of the soap-opera drama of UK immigration politics – all dodgy peerages and unpaid bills this week – surely stems from the… Read More

New Ideas, Old Politics and Real Progress

It wasn’t déjà vu when I turned on the radio on Sunday morning to hear Ed Miliband presenting Labour’s “new” immigration policies: more the discomfort of hearing discordant, distorted versions of new ideas sold short. Over the past… Read More

Stuck on repeat: Cameron on immigration

 If you repeat something often enough, people start to believe it’s true.  Just so with David Cameron’s latest comments yesterday that  ‘this open and welcoming economy’ must cut legal aid and other benefits for foreign nationals to avoid… Read More

Migrants: foreign foes or equal citizens?

‘370,000 Migrants on the dole’ shouts the normally restrained Daily Telegraph’s front page today. A claim that – as the Today programme pointed out – stands up to little scrutiny.  These are ‘migrants’ that in many cases are… Read More

You don’t beat them by joining them

Another anti-immigration speech by a Tory politician. Not much to celebrate in that: plenty to critique. David Cameron’s speech yesterday spun half-truths and persuasive populism together to cover the evident gaps in the Tory’s immigration politics. His words… Read More

Eat-in or takeway?

Today, I’ve read several stories about the government’s new shortage occupation list for overseas migrants, which will see non-EU takeaway chefs, senior care workers and sheep shearers unable to apply for visas. The British media are usually pretty happy… Read More

Immigration and Labour

Alan Johnson’s resignation yesterday has had at least one very welcome consequence.  Ed Balls — a man described by the Tories in the Daily Mail as ‘to the right of Enoch Powell’ —  is no longer shadow Home… Read More