Migrants and Citizens
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Migration by numbers

Today is International Migrants’ Day.  To mark it, I could easily write you a thousand words on the injustices suffered by refugees and asylum-seekers; on the fears that have seen anti-immigration parties rise across Europe; on the everyday… Read More


“Real” Refugees

Some of you may have seen this piece for OUP. Refugee identity is often shrouded in suspicion, speculation and rumour. Of course everyone wants to protect “real” refugees, but it often seems – upon reading the papers –… Read More


Let 500 in.  2.3 million Syrian refugees, and Britain can find room for 500.  Not any refugees, of course – only the ‘most vulnerable’; the ‘most traumatised’; the rape victims; the children who need medical support.  And on… Read More

Humanitarian Development?

(This was originally written for LSE’s new International Development blog… check it out here at http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/internationaldevelopment/) Where does conflict end and development begin? Who’s responsible for “early recovery” in the messy continuum between crisis and stability, the “relief-development gap”? … Read More

Homeward bound?

This — on my favourite theme of refugee migration — is shortly to appear on LSE’s Africa blog: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/africaatlse/   There is a poster in my office at LSE.  A shot of subway graffiti reading “Refugee go home”. The… Read More

The politics of strawberry-picking (or the Daily Mail, Part I)

Reading the Daily Mail is rarely good for my blood pressure. However, today there are two stories about refugees and migrants which underline the extent to which the Daily Mail’s view on refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants are propelled… Read More

Manufacturing Migration “Crises”

How many refugees make a crisis? 20 million? That was the number displaced in Europe after World War II. 170,000? That’s the number of Rwandans who crossed the Tanzanian border in one twenty-four hour period in 1994. 80,000?… Read More