Migrants and Citizens

Eat-in or takeway?

Today, I’ve read several stories about the government’s new shortage occupation list for overseas migrants, which will see non-EU takeaway chefs, senior care workers and sheep shearers unable to apply for visas. The British media are usually pretty happy… Read More

Call a spade a spade

Over the weekend, the Guardian published the results of a Populus poll showing that 48% of the UK population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism – as long as it ‘was not… Read More

Immigration and Labour

Alan Johnson’s resignation yesterday has had at least one very welcome consequence.  Ed Balls — a man described by the Tories in the Daily Mail as ‘to the right of Enoch Powell’ —  is no longer shadow Home… Read More

Doublethink, or not thinking?

Tuesday night.  French class, and we are practising the conditional:  `if I were Prime Minister, I would…’  And of course, my conversation partner comes up with the obvious: `…get rid of all the immigrants’. Depressingly predictable.  And give… Read More

The migration consensus

Today I read the Institute for Public Policy Research’s Migration Review for 2010/2011. In general, IPPR’s migration reports are carefully researched, well-balanced analyses of UK migration trends, providing a welcome antidote to the dubious statistics and rhetorical manipulation… Read More

Another day, another drowning

An article in The Guardian catches my attention: `43 African migrants drown in heavy seas off Yemen coast’. Somalis and Ethiopians looking for a way out of persecution and poverty. So familiar an event it’s hardly a news… Read More