Migrants and Citizens

American Journeys

Since March, I’ve been working on a new, in-depth project — the culmination of a cross-country US road trip, and a personal attempt to understand America’s immigration story.  There’s much more to come — including a podcast and… Read More

Young Immigrant in Bandanna, Roquetas de Mar, Spain, 2004

African Migration

  This Post Originally Appeared on the Africa at LSE Blog The story of Africa is a story of migration. From the earliest movement of humankind out of the Rift Valley, through the great trading caravans of the… Read More


Refugee Passports Could End Border Delays in the Balkans

The latest hellish chapter in the Syrian refugee crisis is currently unfolding at Croatia’s borders. Thousands of refugees were forced to wait in knee-deep mud, as Croatia and Slovenia refuse to allow more than 2,500 people to cross… Read More


On Refugee Camps

  Call them irregular migrants, not refugees. Call them reception centres, not camps. And it’s true that a problem out of sight is a problem out of mind.  But more money for camps – whether in Turkey and… Read More


“Real” Refugees

Some of you may have seen this piece for OUP. Refugee identity is often shrouded in suspicion, speculation and rumour. Of course everyone wants to protect “real” refugees, but it often seems – upon reading the papers –… Read More

On Elections

 From 5000 miles away, the EU elections being held today seem unreal. Much like the antics of the Tea Party observed from Britain, the surge of support for UKIP and Nigel Farage plays out like a pantomime farce:… Read More

Israelis and Africans: the other refugee story

We all know the story of Israel and the Palestinian refugees. And certainly, even in this most politicized of conflicts, no one should dispute the continuing human suffering of the civilian Palestinian population. There should be shame that… Read More

A history lesson

I spent Monday in the archives. Most of the time I’m an ex-historian now, busy arguing about what should happen, not what did happen. But occasionally a day of detecting in old files brings the two together. History… Read More

Africans, Arabs and Asylum (or the Daily Mail, part 2)

The second Daily Mail story is more shameful. It underlines the nasty xenophobia that pervades UK attitudes to migration and asylum. A Senegalese football team is missing in France: the Mail reports that ‘It is possible that the… Read More

Back to the Future

Although the headlines from the “Palestine Papers” may have focused on Palestinian leaders’ willingness to trade away refugees’ “right to return” – a right acknowledged by the UN General Assembly sixty years ago, but never acknowledged by the… Read More