Migrants and Citizens
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Three Passports

  He is just six weeks old. The limits of his world extend to just a few feet beyond his crib. He still lives in a universe where objects you cannot see do not exist, where hands are… Read More

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Adventures in America. No. 1: in which I am not deported

Long before I saw America, I recognised America. America’s skylines, suburbs and cities were known quantities, reflected in a thousand Hollywood movies and syndicated sitcoms. This familiarity is disconcerting: it encourages a false sense of security. Arriving in… Read More

The Citizenship Market

(First published at Democracy in Africa) Citizenship is an artifice. It’s a delicate political construction aiming to weave private freedom and public governance into social cohesion. At its most lofty, we can talk about citizenship as the foundation… Read More

Bureaucratic borders and inequality: reflections from a paperwork day

Sometimes – unlikely as it may seem – real life and my research collide. Take me to an immigration checkpoint, ask me for my passport and I’ll immediately become a cross between an investigative journalist and a philosopher,… Read More

Wot I did in my Summer holidays

I spent most of my Summer in Uganda, which explains the recent silence on this blog. I’ve been trying to understand how those on the margins of a developing society – especially refugees and migrants – negotiate their… Read More

It’s the rich wot get the visa, it’s the poor wot get the blame…

What price citizenship? Last Thursday,Damien Green put a figure on it: £31,000 per year for five years. This salary floor should – apparently – ensure that only the ‘brightest and the best’ are able are able to settle… Read More

When ethics get personal: visas in the classroom

As an academic, I often write about the ethics of migration policy. But this week, the UK’s migration policy has presented me with an unexpectedly personal ethical dilemma. I have discovered that I am expected to report all… Read More

Verified by Visas

The Henley Visa Restriction Index ranks countries across the world according to their citizens’ ability to cross border and enter freely into other states’ territories. Ever since a graph in the Economist based on its 2010 findings caught… Read More