Migrants and Citizens

The World Needs to Plan for long-term Syria Refugee Crisis

(First published at The Conversation) A new city rises up in the Jordanian desert. Zaatari is now “home” – at last count – to 144,000 Syrians. The numbers are scarcely credible. One million child refugees; two million exiles in total;… Read More

(In)humanitarianism begins at home?

The UK would claim to be on the side of the angels in Syria. Who could dispute David Cameron’s claim, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Barack Obama, that he condemns the ‘horrific violence against innocent civilians’ in Syria? Yes, we ‘stand with… Read More

Manufacturing Migration “Crises”

How many refugees make a crisis? 20 million? That was the number displaced in Europe after World War II. 170,000? That’s the number of Rwandans who crossed the Tanzanian border in one twenty-four hour period in 1994. 80,000?… Read More

Japan vs Libya

No one would deny that the terrible events in Japan are newsworthy. The images of the Tsunami’s destruction won’t be forgotten easily. Yet sitting with friends yesterday, we turned to Libya and how quickly – and conveniently –… Read More

“No people ever was and remained free, but because it was determined to be so…”

I have watched the movements in Arab states, like every other politically conscious citizen of the world with awe, anticipation – and, at moments, envy. What must it feel like to have stood in Tahrir Square on the… Read More